Pride Amsterdam

The Pride has already started, but the main weekend still has to come. This saturday, the biggest event will start around 11:00 am: the Canal Parade. From all the entries, the best 80 were selected to be a part of the Parade. The boats will start at the Oosterdok and will go through the Nieuwe Herengracht and Amstel to the Prinsengracht. This famous canal, with a length of 5.6 km, is the main area of the Parade and the best spot to see the boats. Our advice is to go early and claim your spot. There will be lots of people during the Parade so make sure you have a good view.

Make sure that you spot the flyboarders from the photo. Not only because they fly in front of the Parade, they also earned the world longest flight record during one of the previous Canal Parades. Check this video to know what you can expect:


Street events

During the Pride, you can find parties and events all across the city. The most famous streetparty is at the Regulierdwarsstraat, known for its gaybars. Other good spots will be at the Dam, the Westermarkt, the Rembrandtplein and the Amstelveld. You can check all the parties and the times here. There will always be one close to you!





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