The I Amsterdam letters are gone, what now?

One of the most touristic places in Amsterdam has changed. The iconic I Amsterdam sign on the Museumplein has been removed on Monday the 3rd of December and we don’t know when they will return. For now, they will be held in storage and it’s renovation time. They will come back eventually and will change locations from time to time. So what do we need to photograph now? We have five other options for your typical Amsterdam picture!

The Canals

Let’s start with one of the most famous spots to take a picture in Amsterdam, the canals. Amsterdam is known for his waters and the many bridges. The canals were build in a way that the goods could be moved from house A to house B. Nowadays, the canals are not only for transportation, but also as a place to live in a houseboat and for the fun. You can swim in the hot summer days and you can skate on them in the winter. The best spots for the most beautiful canal photo’s; the Keizers-, Prinsen- and Herengracht.

Canal houses

The canal houses are build in or after the 17th century and served as houses or to work in. Every house has is own characteristics which are showing its history. For example, how wider the house, how more money it would cost to build it and the more tax they needed to pay. The stairs in front of the house are a symbol of wealth. The higher the stairs, the more money the owner had. If there is a door below the stairs, the owner had employees which were only allowed to enter the building through the lower door. If you see some spots were it looks like there was a window but now just some bricks, the owner didn’t want to pay tax for the light on the streets. These houses are everywhere in the city and that is why we can’t decide which is the most beautiful. Just go and find your own favourite!

De Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)

How did this bridge got his name? There are a lot of different stories, only one can be through. Although it’s not our favourite, this is the most likely one: around 1670, when they started building this bridge, an economic crisis was starting. For that reason, the plans changed and the bridge became less important. They would finish the bridge eventually but a lot smaller and less wide than it should be. That is why it has the shape of a hourglass. This is the perfect spot for a picture of the busy Amstel river. Pro tip: if it is getting dark, the houses will have their lights on which will look very good on the camera!

De Dam

De most famous spot in Amsterdam is also one of the oldest. It was builded around 1270 and was used as a connection between the first buildings. These days, it is the center of the city and a spot for many tourists, street artist, shopping public and a lot of pidgeons. The most famous buildings are the Palace, the Bijenkorf and the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). A tip for photographers; try to look for different spots and angles than all the other tourists. A good spot is the top level of the H&M or if you stay at the NH Krasnapolsky, your balcony.

The bikes

If you want to take some photo’s in Amsterdam, you can’t deny them. There will be a bike on all of your pictures. And they should be! Amsterdam not a very big city and you can easily use a bike to go from the north to the south. It will be good for your health as well! There are plenty places to rent a bike, which is a very good option if you want to discover the city in another perspective. You can easily see other neighbourhoods. Think about the Vondelpark, the Stadionbuurt or Oud-Zuid. Our final tips are mainly for your safety! Make sure you always check the traffic around you and wear lights if you go cycling in the dark!

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